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Take a peek into my studio and See what inspires me to create my paintings and what’s been happening in my studio and on my travels.

I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

My Colours of Europe 2022 Calendar NOW Available!

My "Colors of Europe" 2022 Pine Ridge Art Wall Calendar is NOW available!
The Calendars are printed on high quality linen embossed stock and show all twelve images on the back along with the artist's biography. Size when open: 13 3/8”w x 24”h / 34cm X 61cm Available to purchase now in Canada on line and will be soon available to pre-order/purchase in Europe!

**Here are the following links where to purchase "Colors of Europe" 2022 Wall Calendar.
Pine Ridge Art Inc.: Direct link: 
(SOLD out at the moment but will be re-stocked)

Lang Store NL/Europe Site : Direct link for European Orders: https://www.langstore.nl/en/colours-of-europe-2022.html    

Lang store US/Canada Orders: Direct link: https://www.lang-store.com/colours-of-europe-2022.html

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New Exhibition: Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - "River of Dreams"

Hello Everyone, I am proud to announce that I was invited to exhibit some of my artwork (5 paintings) In the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine for their Online Exhibition “River of Dreams” Exhibition runs from June 14-October 14, 2021. You can see my work for the exhibit here: https://www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.com/online-exhibition-river-of-dreams/lisa-lorenz

All paintings/artists of the exhibit can be seen here: https://www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.com/online-exhibition-river-of-dreams

Thursday, June 17, 2021

New Painting Idea, Montreal my hometown

Hi Everyone, Busy past few days working on a new painting idea; here is my study for my next painting. This time I am painting a scene from my hometown of Montreal.

Colorful Victorian Houses of Montreal
"Party sur le Plateau"

The exact spot of where these beautiful colorful Victorian houses reside is on Rue Square /CarrĂ© Saint-Louis / at the corner of Henri Julien in the lovely Plateau Montreal across from the park. There are also many other of these lovely Victorian houses and brownstone on all of the lovely streets you mentioned above. When I lived nearby on Jeanne Mance at La Cite many many years ago I would love to go for walks here in this trendy little neighborhood le Plateau-Mont-Royal! Wishing you all a great day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Buona Festa Della Repubblica Italiana! Happy Birthday Italy !

Buona Festa della Repubblica Italiana! Wishing Beautiful Italy a Happy Birthday & Republic Day! I Love Italy and painting scenes from one of my favourite countries! Buona giornata a tutti!
My collage of some of my Italy paintings to share with you all. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

New Latest Painting - Basel Fasnacht Memories

My new painting: Fresh off my easel Basel Fasnacht/Carnival Memories.  A vibrant, lively scene of Basel's Fasnacht/Carnival with its colorful, distinctive costumes and instruments along the Rhine.   Fine Art/Canvas Prints, etc now available:   https://fineartamerica.com/featured/basel-fasnacht-carnival-memories-lisa-lorenz.html

Basel Fasnacht Memories