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Monday, May 27, 2013

Lisa Lorenz Studios Moves to Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been very active on my studio blog since some time.  I have been for the last few months extremely busy arranging things for our big move to South Africa.

Yes, after living back in Canada for 5 years, my husband and I decided to pick up our travelling ways once again, and have just relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa where my husband has taken an exciting position for the next couple of years. 

I am really looking forward to this new adventure and being inspired by the colourful and beautiful scenes of Africa.  Right now I am staying in a temporary apartment in the beautiful Melrose Arch area in Johannesburg.  I am awaiting for my belongings to arrive from overseas - sometime in early July and hope to begin painting in my new studio soon very soon when we move into our permanent home.

For the time being I have been visting the Joburg area and finding my way and enjoying this exciting diverse place.  I have also started driving around with my husband around the area as they drive on the left here in South Africa.   Will take some getting use to, but I think I can swing it in time..lol.  My husband is doing very well and on weekends we tour all over with the car.   Last weekened we went to an exciting Latin Festival and then on Sunday we walked around Norwood on Grant street and had a fabulous lunch at a wonderful little Italian restaurant "Giovannis"

I hope in the next weeks to work on some few sketches and ideas.   Please stay tuned for more new work to come.  I leave you with some pics so far from my visits in South Africa

Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton City. A beautiful impressive statue of wonderful Mr. Mandela

The trendy Melorse Arch area with lots of shopping, cafes and wonderful, tasy restaurants.
 Lunch at Melrose Arch

The unique African Moyo Restaurant, Melrose Arch

Wonderful statue in Joburg

Heading over the Nelson Mandela Bridge to Joburg

 City shot of Joburg

The Joburg tower you see from all over

World Cup Stadium in Soweto, shaped like a big African melting cup representing all the people in the "rainbow nation" which Mr. Manela named the people of South Africa

Beautiful Jackaranda trees aling many streets in South Africa. It's their fall/winter here. I am anxious next Spring to see these trees in bloom with their lovely purple flowers

 African Market and arts @ Rosebank. Lots of talented people and so many colours

 Old colourful buildings on Grant Avenue in the quaint Norwood. Jewish/Italian are with lots of yummy different places to eat.  We ate Italian at Giovannis and it was great! I highly recommend it!

Inside Gionvannis having a late Sunday lunch

We had a wonderful meal. One of the best Gnocchi and quattro fromagi sauces I have had in a long time. The portions are big enough to share.  We had so much left over we brought some home.  Andreas had a wonderful Veal Schnitzel with fried mushrooms

And nothing beats a nice glass of Italian wine to go with!

The unique Monte Casino up north from Sandton, designed and basically a replica of Sienna, etc. Tuscany.  I found it very well done and not tacky at all.  Inside the Casino there are many, cafes, restaurants and theatres for movies and shows.  We went to see Jersey Boys as the Teatro Monte Casino on Sunday evening.  Its a wonderful, interesting place to visit.

I have to say that it's really well done, everything is quite Italian Authentic looking.  I really enjoyed visiting. As you also may have seen by now from my art work, etc I am the hugest fan of beautiful Italy. So for me it was really nice to see when I can't get to my bella Italia.   

Jersey Boys, wonderful Musical. Please see it if you can! We really enjoyed it!

A great dinner at Moyo's. Our lovely waiter, he even painted my face. 
Was a fun night and very good food

Beautiful outdoor dining atmosphere at Moyo

Wonderful live jazz music at Moyo's with the wonderful Bheki Khouza, wonderfully talented, left handed guitarist and jazz musician

   Our wonderful flammed African style filet in a madagascar green pepper sauce. Filet stuffed with peppadews, mushroom, morogo south african wild spinach and mozzarella stuffed beef fillet,served with a madagascan green peppercorn

A happy Painted lady enjoying the jazz show with Mr. Khouza. So far I am really lovin my new home and have so much more to explore.  Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying my art work.