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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally a Move In Update

Hi Everyone, Well it has been almost 2 months since our container arrived from Denmark with all our belongings and we have been so busy these past months unpacking and organizing our belongings and shoveling all that snow. It has been a very hard, long winter here in Ottawa.

We are finally seeing the light and are enjoying our new home. The weather has also been really beautiful with summer temperatures--we went right from winter to summer...lol. I am so happy to see the green grass and the blooming flowers. The past 2 weeks I have been busy working on our property: raking the grass, blowing old leaves and fixing up the rock gardens.

Now that the yard work is done, I am about to finish the work in my art studio. I can’t wait to get it up and running and begin painting again. I have really been having creativity withdrawal. I have a few ideas for some paintings and look forward to starting them soon. I attach a few pics here of our new home (you can see all the snow). I will have to take some outside soon. I will also be posting a few pics of my studio soon and my latest works in progress.

Wishing you all a wonderful week! It’s good to get back to my blog and also stop by all my friends’ blogs which I try to visit every other day! I also to want to Thank You All so much for all your lovely wishes on our move back to Canada.

A few pictures of our new home:

(The Kitchen)
The Little Breakfast nook
Dining Room
More Dining Room
Dining Room - Dinner with my Parents & Aunt, Uncle
(Its so great to be close to my family again)

New Living Room

Our Bedroom with Kim Barkers' Amazing Portraits of Us!The Basement