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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

African Queen is off the Easel

Hi everyone, I finished my violet painting today. I had so many troubles to get a good picture of the painting. The best way to photograph your artwork is outside in the day and that works great for me all the time. Well, this time, I noticed that in every picture the flowers were showing up with a blueish tint and the flowers are actually violet - much more of purple hue. I wonder what's up with that???

Here is the the painting pic I took inside on the floor with a big light overhead and it is purple - much more like the real painting.

So here you can see painting pic with the blueish tone? Too crazy! If anyone knows what's up with this, I would appreicate hearing your comments.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back to the Violets

This afternoon's work:
Did lots of work today on the flowes with some tit-white, ultramarine blue and some windsor violet. I am very happy the way they turned out. I also added some purply tones to the leaves. I just need to finish the background and do some shading on the pot. And I will be finished. Stay tuned. This mornings work:

Started more work on my violets which were on hold for a few days.
I made revisions to my pot with the new zebra lines and more white in white areas.
Then I added some lights and darks to the green leaves and I also painted a thin outline of some green mix with tit-white to add that furry effect that violet leaves have. Then I outlined everything with some fine lines in paynes grey. Need to add some violet tones to the leaves with a few more lights and then I will begin work on the flowers. Just about done.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Amore in Venice

I completed the painting for Linda on 300 g/m Watercolour paper. The size is A4 (21 x 29 cm). I have not worked in watercolours for sometime and it turned out pretty good. I enjoyed working on this painting this afternoon, but I think it is much easier to work in acyrlics. I hope she likes it.

"Amore" Linda e Andre

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Amore - Gift Idea

A little sketch I did this morning in watercolour pencil, gouache, and ink.
This will be a gift for Linda, a fellow artist friend, who graciously painted my portrait some time ago. I am long overdue in sending her this little thank you. It is also good timing because her and her hubby just recently celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary.

"Amore" Linda e Andre

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Painting the Violets

I finished my drawing on the canvas today in watercolour soluble pencil crayons and then I went over the petals with think ink. I am very happy with the drawing on the canvas and the space. I also these think ink lines are very helpful when I will begin to block in colour for the flower petals. I also decided to another flower at the bottom. I like the 3 set now.

Blocked in the first coat for the background - Cadium light yellow hue with some tit. white. Back to the easel for another coat.I blocked in basically all the colour now, then I added a little litter violet around the petals for guidance. Need to add another coat, before I start playing with the different values - lights and darks.The yellow looks a little bright because of the light over head. It is getting dark here in Copenhagen.

Well, the more I looked at the pot, I did not like it at all. We can see zebra patterns but it just did not sit right for me, so I whited it all out and then did some practice on a print out of my painting and I like the stripes much better like this. I will have to put another coat of white and then do the stripes. It is great to take pictures of our work and do these WIPs because you can really see what's going on.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A new WIP for Floral Series

Starting a new WIP for my Funky Floral Series:
I was looking at many pics of florals today to start another funky floral painting and I came up with the idea to paint African violets. I will do some nice colouful violets in a funky "African" style vase. I thought about zebra stripes on the vase.

Anyways, here is my very rough little sketch for my new painting idea. The background is a complimentary colour of yellowish-green...I was also thinking of orange...but I think the yellow will be nicer. The title is "African Queen" and it will be done in acrylics and measure 40 x 50 cm canvas like the others in the series:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Beach Colours" Finished

I am happy to say that I am finished my painting. I am very happy with the results and I think Andreas will be quite happy with his little painting. He had to stay in hospital a few more days and now he is out and should be home tomorrow night. I am looking forward to seeing him and giving him this "get-well" gift.

Beach Colours - Acrylics, 20 x 40 cm and Framed

A little close up of the cute beach chair:

Thanks for all your help and comments about my painting.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let the Painting Begin

Today's Work - Friday the 12th.
I am really seeing my little painting coming together. Up really early this morning, I blocked in lots more colour and layers. Was a little annoying working with such a smaller canvas then my usual and blocking in so many layers of paint was getting so boring..lol. I also applied a nice sandy colour to the beach now.
Now I will begin adding some lights and darks, then some modeling work and outlines. Hoping to be finished today. Stay tuned...

Just did a thin outline with a 0 brush and some paynes grey. Need to add the stripes on my beach towel and some scrubbing of lights and dark. Just about done.

Darkened the water and the sky a bit more and added stripes to my towel and a little more lights all over.

Yesterday's Work
Up bright and early this morning with fresh eyes, I whited out the parts I no longer required, and then I used some left over white and pathlo blue to cover a coat over the water and then

I drew in the components I now wanted in the painting. Off to add some colour. I am very happy with the composition now.

Hi again...Moving along and laid out colour scheme and pretty much blocked in all the colour for most of the components. Looking a little muddy right because of my lines underneath, but a few more coats will do the trick. Back to the easel.

4 Eyes are better than 2

I decided to post my new idea as a WIP on A&A and I got some great feedback. It's funny how some keen eyes help you see something that you did not before.

So based on some observations from my friend Sue and Linda at A&A and my close mate Sue here in Copenhagen and my mama and sister, I have revised my sketch. I did a few little scenarios in Adobe with my wacom tablet and here are the new possibitlies for my painting.

Option 1: The cats moved up as well under an umbrella. But I feel the front is so empty in the foreground now ??? I think I prefer the cats down in the foreground by the red cabana.

Option 2: Same as #1 but some umbrellas removed as Sue from CPH suggested. I am not sure about this now. I think removing only in the middle is sufficient.
Option 3: Cats moved down, and one umbrella removed. - I like this one.

This is the one that stands out the most for me. I think I will be going with this idea. I will re-centre the sun a little too and curve the fences at both ends to enhance the curved horizon. And the consensus was that my friends like this one the best too.

If any of my readers have fresh new ideas please do let me know.

So Back to the easel I go. Thanks for viewing my Studio Blog.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Idea for A Painting

My New Painting Project - "Beach Colours"

I bought a nice canvas with a silver box frame sometime ago which is 20 x 40 cm long and had an idea to do a painting for my bathroom. I thought about something with boats or a beach scene or another little Nyhavn. Will I had an idea the other night while trying to fall asleep about colourful beach things. So after a few sketches I came up with an idea.

I will give this present to my hubby as a get well gift. To brighten up his day because he is on a biz trip and had to go hospital with a very bad eye infection. Some dish washing soap squirted in his eye before he left and it got worse. Now he is in the hospital in Mauritius getting treated for a cornia infection. Poor guy. He is being treated well and the Dr. said it is starting to heal. Good job he went when he did because it quite serious....

Please note: I will leave some space on the viewers left of the drawing to be like the right side. It is too close to the edge. Also that umbrella is a little messy because I changed colours. It will be purple and yellow.

My Sketch for the painting

The Frame

Monday, January 8, 2007

Having Fun with Portraits

Lousy weather here again today and I am taking a wee break from my usual paintings. Having fun doing some quick little portraits.
Decided to paint my kid sister Mary. Done in watercolour pencil then with a thin wash of acrylics on top.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Experimenting with my Self Portrait

I decided to do some experimenting on self portraits today, as I have never done one before . Let me tell you it sure was a big challenge. Geez, I have never even painted a face before. But I had some fun - an that's what counts!

Anyways, I think I will stick to my usual work...LOL. I am no Kim Barker when it comes to portraits! Have a great Sunday Everyone!

Anyways, here are my results: 1st in water-soluable pencil colour:

Then painted over with some water and acrylic

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Colours of Venice

I am happy to announce that I finished my Venice painting, 50 x 60 cm done in acrylics. I absolutely loved Venice; it is a beautiful place with so much to see and its wonderful buildings and colours inspired me to do this painting. I enjoyed working on this colourful painting. Thanks for viewing my WIP.

Friday, January 5, 2007

More work on my Venice Painting

Just about done!
Well I am pretty much finished the painting. And you know, I just realized after that I forgot the handrail on the steps and the little balcony on the second building. I wasn't sure if I should even put them in, but after a sketch with the wacom tablet I decided yes.

I am quite tired now and it is almost 7 pm here, so I will make those little additions tomorrow. Have a great TGIF!
The Wacom Tablet Additions of handrail and balcony:

This Afternoon's Work:
Changed the colour of the sky to a more light blue, added some light outlining to entire composition. Worked on my two cats. Just about done...Stay tune for the final post!
Sorry for the poor pic, its getting dark here and I had to put my studio light on. Painting is more vivid in real life.

This Morning's Work:
Added some light greens now with a few contrasting darks to the doors now and finished off roof tops. A thin was of Pathlo green to the water. Need to work on the sky now..far too dark at the moment. And the finishing touches...back to the easel. Hoping to Finish Today!

Punched up my colours on the buildings, steps and sidewalk, as well as some added colour to my gondola poles and gondola.

Yesterday Afternoon's Work

Basically did all the colours for the facades of the buildings and outlined window panes and roof tops in some burnt umber. Will begin adding my lights to the green doors and window shudders and panes. Need to fix the top windows on the middle building too as they are not lining up straight. Then some modeling work a little bit everywhere with some more outlines. Almost done and seeing it finally come together now. I am at the favourite stage of painting now.
Sorry the pic is a bit dark - I needed to take a pic with a light overhead as it is quite grey in Copenhagen this afternoon. Back to my Easel!

Yesterday Morning's Work

I found some time to finally paint. Did more work on my Venice Painting: blocking in another coat for the windows and more paint on the building facades. Need to add more colour to the left building and some modeling throughout. I am pretty much finished the stair case. The little cats will be done last :). Back to the easel.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Staying Creative in Canada

When I was in Canada visiting for the Holidays I did not paint and was very restless. So I visited a few arts and crafts stores and bought some beads and did a bit of jewelry making and gave them away as Christmas presents. They were a big hit among my family.

I also made some Christmas Wreaths for my mother’s front and back door.

Now I am back in Denmark and happy to be home. I started researching some new ideas for my next floral painting and managed to work on my Venice painting.