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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Provence - WIP Moving Along Part 2

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday to you all! I am moving along quite nicely with my Provence landscape painting. I am now in the second stages which I love to paint: Doing all the modelling of the elements, adding the lights and darks and making the painting come alive on the canvas. I still have about a good 10 hours left to do until its finished. I have already worked on this painting for about 15 hours. Today its pouring raining here, so its a good cozy day to do some painting. I would really love if I could finish by the end of the weekend ,as early next week I must go to Montreal for a few days and wont be able to get back into my studio until Thursday.

1st Step: My drawing on canvas - a little messy but it gives me my base Blocking in some colour now
Blocking in some colour

More colour added All my colours schemes are blocked in now and my sky is complete. I like to always finish the skies in my painting first. I also completed all my outlining -this part always take a little long to complete.

The modelling work has begun and I just about finished my farmhouse (need a bit more work on the windows and doors). Then I will begin work on the foliage and moutains. I will keep the lavendar bushes for last, as this I believe somehow this will be the most challenging part of the painting for me. Stay tuned for more updates....

Finished! Approximately 28 hours of painting time.
"Les Couleurs de Provence"


Costescu said...

Cool work in progress, I love watching the paintings unfold :)

Anita said...

Gorgeous Provence lavender - deep breath, can almost smell it!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Tracy, Thanks so much for dropping by and your comments. Hey Anita, so good to see you. So how have you been? Thanks a bunch too for the kind words. xoxo Lisa

margaret said...

wow looks great, love the lavender
the colours are vibrant,,, will be a winner for sure love Momma

Kim said...

lovely Lisa...
the green and purple are a great combination..
I want to visit!!!
I saw the photo of Boo...
gorgeous in her pink outfit...
hope your weekend is going well
xxxxx Kim