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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Painting Idea - Birds & Blossoms

Hi Everyone, Well I have been busy doing sketches for my next painting. This time I will do a scene of blossoms and Gold finch. I love these little birds. I am having a dilemma about what colour to do my background. My initial idea was those nice warm sunset colours in my last Orchid Oasis painting, but then I thought about doing a turquoise background.

So here you go, my two sketches: One in the turquoise and one in the warmer colours. I am sort of leaning towards the sunset colours. Let me know what you prefer. Thanks and have a great day!

Birds and Blossoms (Tourquise background)
Birds and Blossoms (sunset background)
and the two side by side


Steve Haskamp said...

I like the way the yellow birds stand out on the turquoise background. I'm sure whichever way you decide to paint it will look great!

Costescu said...

You know I love the nice warm sunset colors but I think the birds would need to be at least a subtle blue to pop out.

I like the turquoise too. It would be cool to do both and reverse the colors so they could be hung as a set too if you choose. Of course it is easy to suggest as I don't have to do all the work hah hah :)

Regina said...

I like the turquoise background better. The contrast of the cool blue with the warm yellow of the birds is very appealing to me.
I'm sure you can make the painting work either way, but I stand by my choice. ;-)

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your comments and choice. I really appreciate it! Still not too sure what I will be doing. Have started the painting but not the background yet.

HI Tracey, Thansk for stopping by and leaving me your choice as well. I really appreciate it. I think I will have to do the both of them.

Hi Regina, Nice to see you. And thanks a bunch too!

So it looks like 3 votes for the Turquoise. I think I will have to do both! Had to put that painting on hold this week, while I worked on a small one for my upcoming exhibit!