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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revisions to my Flavours of Provence - What do you think?

HI Everyone, Well I was looking at my sketch & the colours more closely this afternoon and I think the red table cloth is too strong and blends too much with the other colours of the elements on the table. I had this same issue when I did my Tuscany Delights.

I have decided to go with a provence blue colour for the table cloth bckground. Here is a pic I did in photoshop so you can see the difference. Appreciate any comments you may have. Have a great night!

Flavours of Provence with Blue Table Cloth

Here is the original with the red. 


Caroline said...

Nice painting Lisa! I love Provence! Yes, I agree the blue is a good choice - the table does indeed stand out more now.

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks so much for the feedback. Appreciate it. I will be going for the blue! :) happy painting and wishing you a great upcomign weekend!