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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finally some Updates to My Studio Blog

Hi Everyone,

Well I realize its been some time since I updated my studio blog.  It was a very busy time this past summer moving into our new home in South Africa.  The big container from Canada arrived in early July and I think spent over 2 months unpacking and settling in.  Was a really big move and I think one of the hardest moves for me.  Must  be the age...lol.  My husband was travelling quite a bit and I was pretty much alone to do it all.  Anyways, the house is done and I finally got my studio furniture and its done.  Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to really do any painting. 

In September, I was travelling with my husband to Durban and we stayed in Zimbali.  We had a wonderful vacation.  I just loved the drive from Johannesbug to Durban. 

In October I was back in Canada visiting family for about 1.5 months and sadly my beautiful Aunt Lorraine passed away.  Was a very hard time for all of us. She will always be in my heart.   On a happier note, I really enjoyed spending time with my little God Daughters Morgan and Margaux who are really growing up so fast!  They are just so wonderful.

December was a busy month and then there was Christmas and New Years.  Was so nice to have our first Christmas in South Africa with no snow.  I have to say I am not missing those long hard Canadian Winters one bit.   It is summer here in South Africa and the weather is amazing.

In early January we had our good friends from Denmark come for a visit. They really enjoyed their time here in South Africa and also went on a safari which they loved. 

After our guests left, we took a long weekend and went to Sun City and stayed at the Very Opulent African Hotel, The Palace of the Lost City. It was just gorgeous. A designers dream.  As Pilanesberg Game Reserve is right nearby, we went on a lovely early evening Safari. It was truly an amazing experience.  I will post some pics of our trip.

So now back home, I am feeling so inspired from that wonderful getaway and pretty ready to start some paintings.  Wishing you all a wonderful week. 

I have went back and added pics and posts to my blog for the past few months.

My Trip to Canada, with my wonderful little Nieces at Halloween!

Halloween, Margaux as Belle and little Morgan as Tinker Belle!

Lunch out with my girly, always giggling and having fun

Morgans 2nd Birthday party

With my Boo at Dinner, she loves to colour and draw

Look at me Sasa!  Such a happy girl with a great big loving character, she makes us laugh so much

A very Proud Margaux with all her art work from school. I think she will be an artist

Painting with my Boo, she loves it so much and I have to say for only 4 and half she is really great

A beautiful early Christmas Brunch with my mom and dad

My friends from Denmark visiting us in Johannesburg, Having an arrival lunch at our home.
It was so great to see them again since 5 years

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