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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not Imressed with Artit's that Copy Cat your Ideas & Style

NEW!  Well, I am happy to say that the artist wrote me back and apologized and removed the painting from her gallery.  She said she thought the image was public and did not know she had to give homage to the artist.  She said it was not her intention to copy.  She said she would try to create her own image.  So I was happy to read her mail.  

Hi Everyone,  Well I am not impressed this morning. I came across this digital greeting card/painting at Redbubble! A trying copy of my own painting "Moonlit Venice" on an other artist's site at RB. A "try to copy" of my style, even the same amount of buildings, colours, my bridge, my moon, my restaurant and even my cats?  And her artist notes say: Inspired by the success of Moomin Love in Japan but now inspiration in Venice!!

I am sorry but I have no respect for artists like this. It okay to be inspired by other artist's work but you should at least pay homage to the artist and their piece and ask if you can do so.  One of the most difficult things for an artist is to create and have  their own unique recognizable style. So I do no appreciate someone copying my ideas and work from my imagination.  I wrote her a comment /note at Redbubble and look forward to what she has to say to me.

You can see her page and my own original painting from my own imagination. Not impressed!

Here is the try to copy cat work I found!  

And my own painting!

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