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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moving Along for Christmas

Last Night's Work:
Well I am almost done. Worked alittle late last night, modeling the flower leaves with some more contrasts and some work on the pot and background. Added some red to a few of the leaves.
This morning I am painting my ornaments and outlining my flower leafs. I should be calling this baby finished shortly. Sorry the night pic and flash.

Yesterday's WORK
Well I am finished with the leaves, and I am happy with the different shades and contrasts I used. Colours used: Sap Green, Yellow, lemon yellow, Med. light green hue, and some white too.

And A close up:

Wednesday'S WORK:

Well I was able to find some time to paint yesterday. I first began by outlining to see where this painting was going, and then I blocked in another coat of paint for the leaves, pot and flower. I also did some outlining of those little veins on the leaves. I am happy with the shape of the leaves and my Christmasy green, I only have to add the contrasts now.

Then lots more red on the pot and flowers. I am finding this project difficult to work in so much red. I need to play with my colours more and have some different values in the petals. I will add some pinks, oranges and darken the red in areas. I think once I do the outline of those little veins on the flowers it will take more shape. This morning I will do the centers of the flowers and finish the leaves and work on the flowers last. Thanks for stopping by my little session of yesterday.


caroline bf said...

good to see you've started a painting journal!

just paint your heart out and allow yurself as much liberties as possible..it's only paint (thus very over-paintable) and..you're the boss

Have fun

Lisa said...

Hi Caroline, And thanks for that..it is so True! :)

Anonymous said...

hi lisa it is a beautiful painting again it is cheering me up at this time of the year - I do love the red and green together so festive thanks love mom

kim said...

hi Lisa
this is gorgeous....the colours are so christmassy.....love the composition...especially the placement of the decorations......perhaps I can paste an image (when you finish it) into my December newsroom.....I am planning on having a favourite artworks section .....gosh xmas is coming up so quickly....BYE....

Lisa said...

Hi Mom and Kim, Thanks so much gals for your comments.

Kim, I am happy you like the placement of the ornaments, I was not too sure about them. I was even wondering about keeping them, but I did want this to be a Christmas painting so they will be staying..lol. I am hoping to finish today or tomorrow and I would be honoured and pleased if you put it in your artworks section for December newsroom. Woohoo..that is really nice of ya! I will send you a pic when its done...Have a great day painting mate :)