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Thursday, March 22, 2007

More work on my Tulips

Finally got around to do some painting and on my Tulip composition. I added some color to the vase - a mix of prussian blue and tit white. I am very happy with that so far. It was long to do. I also outlined everything in a thin wash of paynes grey to give me some guidance right now. I always do a second outline at the very end aswell.

Then I began adding some more greens and hue variations to my tulip stems and leaves....mixing lots of color.....getting that tulip green is much harder than you think. I don't know but tring to get that simple light green hue is hard work..lol. I find tulip leaves the hardest to paint of all the flowers.

Well, I am off to work more on the leaves then add another coat of red to the flowers. I will do the modeling work on the vase at the end.

1 comment:

Kim said...

hi Lisa
the colours are absolutely dazzling!!!!the combination of the primary red with the secondary orange and green is very clever and the composition is beautifully balanced..... looking forward to seeing the next stage....happy painting..