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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fresh Off the Easel

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it has been long overdue since I post something on my studio blog. This summer has been just so busy for us. We have had many guests and lots of work to do around our home. Then came Fall and the yard work was heavy. I have never done so much raking. Anyways, we finally hired some guys to do the raking in the back. I never thought this house of mine would be so much work. However, I do love our home and property, so as my dad said "When you love your Trees your love your Leaves"...LOL

Anyways, I have finally had a chance to finish my commission painting - 120 x 100 cm. This painting is based on a combination of my Beach Colours series and my Italian Summer's End painting. The painting is entitled "Mary's Summer Delight" I will be varnishing shortly and delivering to my customer. She saw a pic of the painting and is very pleased.

Wishing you all wonderful week. We are having some amazing Spring like weather here in Ottawa.

And a few pics of some Fall shots at my home:


Anonymous said...

Absolutly gorgeous painting Lisa! Now that those leaves are down hope to see more of you here on the blog! I have missed you. <3 Sue

Anita said...

OH YES! One of my favorite blogs back online! Lisa, so good to see you back here. Love the painting!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Sue, Thanks so much for the comments. I have missed being active on the blog too. YOu know this house is so much work...lol..but with winter around the corner I will have more time to do things creative.

HI Anita, OH what a nice surprise and what a sweet comment. YOu are too kind Anita. Thanks so much. Hope you are doing well. Take care, Lisa