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Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Painting Idea

Hi Everyone, Firstly TGIF! I can't believe how fast this week zoomed by. I am happy its over and that January is coming to an end! This month has been so long and and I cant wait to see February arrive and the Spring too actually. But I got a long wait ... Lets hope the groundhog doesnt see his shadow..LOL

I worked on some sketches yesterday and will begin my new painting. It will be a scene of white water lillies. I love water lillies and the lovely green pads that float on the water.

Here is my sketch done quickly in wax. The panting will be done in acrylics and be painted on a gallery wrapped canvas measuring 40 x 50 cm (thats 16" x 20").


Marco Crupi said...

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Anita said...

Lisa! This is going to be super - so good to see you doing another flower picture.

Anonymous said...

Awesome sketch! It reminds me of your lotus painting. Can't wait to see the progress. <3 Sue

Kim said...

lovely composition Lisa and the colours are so springlike :)
I hope the rest of your winter is less extreme :0
happy groundhog time lol....
I've seen the film but I don't know whether it has anything to do with the day ;)
have a terrific week
xxx oooo

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Marco, Crupi, Would be a honour to exchagne blog links with you. I will add your blog to my list.

Hey Anita, Thanks so much for dropping by. It has beens some time since I did a floral. xxox Lisa

Hi Sue, great to see you too...thanks so much :)xxx

Hey Kim, Thanks a bunch. Great to see that yor computer is up and running. The bloody groundhog saw his shadow, six more weeks of winter..not surprised one bit. I guess I was really longing for warmer weather adn spring so thats why I have all the lovely blues and greens and whites. have a good one mate, xoxox Lisa