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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FIMA Exhibit - Survived the Heat Wave

Hi everyone, I am back in Ottawa and happy to be home. I spent the last 5 days in Montreal exhibiting at the Festival International des Arts de Montreal (FIMA) during an extreme heat wave and torrential rains. Despite the terrible weather and few people, I still had a nice time and I received wonderful feedback and got to meet all sorts of wonderful artists from, Canada, France and Martinique.

The festival was 11 days and held along Ste. Catherine Street east in the Village. I think I would have been better to exhibit the first week. I heard from artists that particpated that week, that there were over 900 people an hour and lots of sales. Oh well given the extreme heat, I managed to cover my costs and somewhat. Sold many greeting cards and a few paintings. It's a good job I had my greeting cards with me or I would have not sold as much. If I decide to exhibit next year, I will definitely go the first week of the festival. A few pics of the event which was very nice. Always a pleasure to go to my beautiful hometown in Montreal.

My Booth

Espace Gallery - where I was located
Ste. Catherine Street all decorated and the booths along the road. Was so festive and well organized
The Salon des Arts - an open air bar area where they held the Fima Charity Auction and had nightly entertainment. Only in Montreal!
Great jazz music nightly in the salon des arts

The auction. I donated my rainbow regatta painting for auction. The auctioneer Francois Gourd is a colourful French entertainer from Montreal

and look who came to visit...my adorable Boo. Attending so many art show at a young age. She loves paintings and colours. I think she might end being an artist herself...lol

My wonderful husband Andreas who took time off to come with me. I would not have been able to do it without him in all that heat. Love you sweetheart!

So much rain fell on Friday, it was terrible and water was leaking in. Here is Andreas taping up the holes. He also taped holes for all the other artists. We all called him the Fima handy man! A great guy!


Caroline said...

Your booth looked fab - totally zinging with colour! Must have been hard work in all that heat!

Arianna said...

Hi, I've seen your paintings on Fine Art America, I like a lot the "Colourful Regatta"! Arianna from Lucca, Tuscany, Italy