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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Little Ballerina - More WIP

Hi everyone, rainy day here in Copenhagen and getting lots done. Worked on the little dress and tutu - I am happy with the direction it is going. Need to just add some more white highlights now - maybe a few contrasting darks. Next the cute shoes and then the background. I will then sit back and take a look at the whole and see about warming up the skin and hair.

I am painting and not thinking of anything at the moment...just letting my eyes look at shapes and colors. Having fun!

A thin outline and some more darks - I am very happy with it now. I just adore outlining things, for some reason I find it just works better for me and my style. I am about to start my backround and then I will have a look at everything to do some touches here and there. Appreicate any comments you may have.

Also do you think her lips are a tad big? I am not sure??. My niece does have large lips and big teeth in real life. She is all smiles. I would post her picture, but her mother doesnt want any pics of her children on the internet. So I am sorry about that.

Well I did my curtains…another coat on the floor and I am almost done….Hurray. The white gap where the curtains are…my Andy suggested gold. Like a gold trim. It is a very complimentary color for purple. I thought about putting that space black originally..but it will be too conflicting with the dance floor. I will also add some highlights on the dance floor. So that is not quite done.

Oh and I won't put those musical notes – like on the sketch because the background will be way too busy and compete with our lovely little ballerina. What do you think? Do you agree?

Hi Girls, Well, I just finished pretty much everything on the Ballerina. I just need tomorrow to tweak a bit, with a faint outline – I also touched up the flesh again - another coat as the first coats were not thick enough to match the rest of the paint texture. I also made her lips a bit smaller, etc. So what do you think. Andreas is over the moon with her! LOL…..we want to keep her!

Anyways…going to make my hungry man the left overs….

1 comment:

Kim said...

hi Lisa
you have been busy...I really like the outline and the purple background highlights the little dancer....you have done a wonderful job on the tutu....it looks just right......
give yourself a big pat on the back mate!!!!!
hugs xxxxxx