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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Little Ballerina - WIP

Day 2: Bocked in lots of nice purple tones for the background (curtains) and a dark coat of Winsor purple for the dance floor. Kim : I am not sure about the left hand extension - I am missing the pinkie, but it is not showing up in the original picture, so I am wondering if should be concerned about that? You are master at portraits, poses and hands, so I am wondering if it has to show. It is quite funny to see my standing in my studio doing this pose to see if I can see my pinkie..LOL. Would appreciate your comments on this.

Going to block in some 1st coat of flesh tones now.

Blocked in some color for the skin tones - will have to work more with this. It was quite difficult. Wow, do I envy your portrait - people painters. I also had so many troubles with the face, I tell you. Anyways I am quite happy with the way it is now and I will not tinker too much more with the face. I just need to fix her mouth a bit and some white for the teeth. It is a little off at the moment. I think I am looking at my reference pictures too much and trying too hard to make it almost a realism. I will have to just think in shapes, lines and colors.

Will begin work on the tutu and dress and then look at everything as a whole again before I add some more values for the skin.

Hi friends, Okay latest update for the night. Added white paint all over the dress and fixed the teeth.....got carried away with my pink and added a bit more to the flesh....Calling it a night. See you all tommorrow.


Bee Skelton said...

This is coming along beautifully Lisa. The pose and especially the neck, legs and right arm are looking really good. I can see why you might be a bit troubled about the left arm and hand. Without the pinkie perhaps you could take a look at the length of the thumb and maybe the lower line of the arm around the elbow.

Kim said...

hi Lisa
I agree with Bee on the adjustment to length of thumb...I don't think you need to see the pinkie....as she is moving and you have captured the movement of the jete beautifully and her smile is lovely!!!!
love xxxxxx

Lisa said...

Hi Bee and Kim, Thanks so much for the comments...reallly appreciate it! xoxoxo