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Friday, October 19, 2007

New floral idea on a long canvas

Hi everyone, I finally found some time to get some work done in my studio on my new painting project. This painting will be for our new home and painted on a long canvas 35 x 120 cm.

I am thinking lots of nice earthy fall colours (red, beige, browns) with some bright light green stems and pretty white ornithogalum ( chincherinchee) flowers

A cropped pic of the flowers.
My proposed colour scheme and my rough sketch with the fall colours I will be using.

My drawing on canvas


Kim said...

oh Lisa
this is gorgeous and is going to look beautiful in your new home !!!!
I love the format and the colours look wonderful....
you will have tons of fun painting this one...have a lovely weekend

Anita said...

WHAT a great format!!!
And a new home too - lucky you!

PS You've been tagged - see my blog!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Kim, Gee...i am blushing! Thanks so much Kim. Always appreciate your cheery posts xoxoxo

Hey Anita, thanks a bunch too. really appreciate you dropping by. I will go see the tag now!

Anonymous said...

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