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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Portraits Really Rock in my Bedroom!

Hi everyone, I just finished hanging up the new portraits from Kim in our bedroom. I think they look so awesome that I had to share this pic with you all. They have a new home and we just ADORE THEM! We look like movie stars! LOL…I can't thank you enough Kim!

Astonishing Paintings!

What a great day!!!! After problems with the crazy Danish Post Office, Mr. Postman finally delivered Kim's gorgeous portrait paintings of us! And we are completely ecstatic! They are just out of this world! To see them in real life is something else. The size is huge and fits so well with the series. Andreas and I were so excited opening the packages! It was absolutely priceless to see the look on his face when we opened his package first!

The Big Packages Andreas Opening his Package First

Her work is just astonishing. She is on very talented artist! They are truly remarkable portraits! This series is just so Hot! With just minimum color and strokes - it is just amazing how much she captured us! They are just so dazzling to look at! She also prepared some awesome certificates of authenticity! So professional Kim! Letter and Certificates of AuthencitiyMy apartment doesn’t have any big walls big enough so that I can hang them together – except for the bedroom. So I am going today to remove my tulips over the bed and set up the hooks and spacing to hang my new babies! I will post a pic of that as soon as I get that done!

I am so thrilled, I can’t stop looking at the paintings. I can’t wait to show them off to my family and friends.

I will cherish these forever and it is so great to have original Kim Barker’s in my home! It was so great to work and swap with you Kim!
A very Happy Lisa and Beautiful Portrait
Andreas and His Masterpiece!

The Stunning Portraits side by Side

Friday, April 20, 2007

"The Little Ballerina" - Latest painting

Hi Everyone, TGIF! I have been looking forward to the weekend! I just finished my latest painting and I really had fun painting this one. Thanks for watching my WIP and your great comments.

"The Little Ballerina", 50 x 60 cm, Acylics

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Little Ballerina - More WIP

Hi everyone, rainy day here in Copenhagen and getting lots done. Worked on the little dress and tutu - I am happy with the direction it is going. Need to just add some more white highlights now - maybe a few contrasting darks. Next the cute shoes and then the background. I will then sit back and take a look at the whole and see about warming up the skin and hair.

I am painting and not thinking of anything at the moment...just letting my eyes look at shapes and colors. Having fun!

A thin outline and some more darks - I am very happy with it now. I just adore outlining things, for some reason I find it just works better for me and my style. I am about to start my backround and then I will have a look at everything to do some touches here and there. Appreicate any comments you may have.

Also do you think her lips are a tad big? I am not sure??. My niece does have large lips and big teeth in real life. She is all smiles. I would post her picture, but her mother doesnt want any pics of her children on the internet. So I am sorry about that.

Well I did my curtains…another coat on the floor and I am almost done….Hurray. The white gap where the curtains are…my Andy suggested gold. Like a gold trim. It is a very complimentary color for purple. I thought about putting that space black originally..but it will be too conflicting with the dance floor. I will also add some highlights on the dance floor. So that is not quite done.

Oh and I won't put those musical notes – like on the sketch because the background will be way too busy and compete with our lovely little ballerina. What do you think? Do you agree?

Hi Girls, Well, I just finished pretty much everything on the Ballerina. I just need tomorrow to tweak a bit, with a faint outline – I also touched up the flesh again - another coat as the first coats were not thick enough to match the rest of the paint texture. I also made her lips a bit smaller, etc. So what do you think. Andreas is over the moon with her! LOL…..we want to keep her!

Anyways…going to make my hungry man the left overs….

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Little Ballerina - WIP

Day 2: Bocked in lots of nice purple tones for the background (curtains) and a dark coat of Winsor purple for the dance floor. Kim : I am not sure about the left hand extension - I am missing the pinkie, but it is not showing up in the original picture, so I am wondering if should be concerned about that? You are master at portraits, poses and hands, so I am wondering if it has to show. It is quite funny to see my standing in my studio doing this pose to see if I can see my pinkie..LOL. Would appreciate your comments on this.

Going to block in some 1st coat of flesh tones now.

Blocked in some color for the skin tones - will have to work more with this. It was quite difficult. Wow, do I envy your portrait - people painters. I also had so many troubles with the face, I tell you. Anyways I am quite happy with the way it is now and I will not tinker too much more with the face. I just need to fix her mouth a bit and some white for the teeth. It is a little off at the moment. I think I am looking at my reference pictures too much and trying too hard to make it almost a realism. I will have to just think in shapes, lines and colors.

Will begin work on the tutu and dress and then look at everything as a whole again before I add some more values for the skin.

Hi friends, Okay latest update for the night. Added white paint all over the dress and fixed the teeth.....got carried away with my pink and added a bit more to the flesh....Calling it a night. See you all tommorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Little Ballerina - New Painting Idea

Hi Everyone, I have decided to start a new project just for some fun and relaxation. No Flowers, No Travel scenes. LOL..Something just to get my creative juices flowing again.
Some time ago my sister-in-law sent me some beautiful pictures of my lovely Niece Margaux at her Ballet Recital and it inspired me to do a painting of a young ballerina. By no means am I realism painter so I will be painting this lovely Ballerina in my style. Stay tuned for more updates.

Here is my rough sketch - idea for the painting.

Was anxious to start my painting. Here is my drawing on canvas. Canvas size is 50 x 60 cm. Painting will be acrylic. Going to block in some color now. Wishing you all a great day

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dutch Delight - Tulip Painting

Happy to say that I finally finished my latest painting for my Funky Floral Series. (I had a very difficult time photographing my painting because of the red. The darks of the petals are so much more contrasting in real life. If you have any advice about photographing red and the different values of reds please let me know.)

"Dutch Delight" - 40 x 50 cm, Acrylic

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finally Some Painting Motivation

Hi everyone, I have not posted in awhile as I have not painted in some time either. I was in London for almost a week visiting my sister and I had a great time. Then, when I got home I just could not find any motivation to work on my tulip painting. Then along came Easter and my hubby took a few days and that was really nice. So today I finally found some mojo to paint and decided to finish this tulip painting once and for all!

I worked on the leaves, stems and flowers – just a few more little adjustments and some very contrasting lights to add.

Then I will tweak my vase a bit more with a little shadowing then finish the background.

Hoping to finish today or tomorrow and move on to a new project.