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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wip 3- Water lillys & Dreaming of my Expat Days

HI Everyone, Its been a pretty busy week. Last night I was at my art club (ArtEast in Ottawa) and we had an acyrlic workshop. A representative from Golden was there and explained all their great products and some of their new ones. We even got a little bag of freebies. It was even better then getting makeup...LOL.

I found some time this morning to work on my water lilly painting. I am working now on the greens of the lilly pad leaves. I find working with greens harder then any other colour. I also blocked in some white for the flowers.

Modeling the pads with greens now. Two more pads to do (top part) and then I will work on the flowers, water. Would love to finish today, but I dont think I will have time...

My progress this afternoon: Finished all the pads, did an outline, added more lights/darks, another coat of white on the flowers. Tomorrow I am hoping to finish this painting. Anxious for to see at all come together and that high you get when you finish a painting.

Ohhhhh painting this scene is reminding me so much of my expat days when I lived in Seoul, Korea and my hubby and I would travel to beautiful Phuket, Thailand and Bali! Oh how I miss those trips. I live quite far to travel there now. Perhaps I will go again one day!Wishing you all a
wonderful day!

Me in Bali - Wish I was there now....


Anonymous said...

Looks great so far!

Caroline said...

Nearly there - looking forward to the finished painting! Bali looks lovely! Haven't visited myself, but have been to Thailand several times - beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Looking fantastic Lisa! Can't wait for your next post. I am also dreaming of my Expat Days!! Back in the day when I could ride my bike down the streets of Copenhagen and see your work live and in person. Everytime I would be amazed to see the 'LIVE' painting. Somehow a photo can never capture what the eye can see in real life. Miss you!! <3 Sue