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Monday, March 2, 2009

Beautiful "Sunny" Weekend

Hi everyone, Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here in Ottawa it was so lovely. The sun was shining for two days and hubby and I went skiing on Sunday and had a great time. It’s the first time we ski this year and went to place not too far from home in the Gatineau Hills called Mont Ste. Marie.

First time I drive in this area and it was just beautiful. It is very hilly with lots of lakes, and I can imagine how lovely it must be in summer time as well. I was surprised to see that the ski hill was so empty on such a beautiful day. We found out that Sundays are quiet and that Mont Ste. Marie is a littler far from Ottawa and most people go to closer resorts like Edelweiss, Vorlage, etc. In the future I will keep on skiing at Mont Ste. Marie as I do not mind driving the extra 40 minutes to have an empty ski hill. Nothing worse then crowds and line ups for the chair lift and a bunch of skiers on the slopes. If the weather is nice next Sunday, I think we will be going back.

Wishing you all a lovely day. I am off for my walk and then I will try to do some painting.
Gatineau Hills - Mont Ste. Marie
Arriving at the ski hill and parking
Lisa all ready to hit the slopes

Andreas all bundled up - quite chilly out

Some lovely chalets ski side

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Caroline said...

Lovely colourful painting Lisa! My daughter was out on a boat in that very same harbour on Saturday - perhaps you painted hers!! Your ski trip must have been fun - the scenery is beautiful - so wintry - it's a while since I last saw snow!