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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dreaming of Tuscany

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a nice weekend. We had a very nice long weekend. It was Victorida day here on Monday and we had the day off. We did lots of gardening and work around the house, deck, etc.

Today I managed to work on a new idea and sketch for a new painting. My new painting will be the beautiful hillside of Tuscany with all the beautiful colours. It is a sketch from my imagination. I looked at lots of pics today from our travels to beatiful Tuscany and I could not find the exact pic I was looking for, so I created my own of the stunning Tuscany hills, landscsapes, etc. I was dreaming of the beauty and wish I was there...

I cant wait to paint this one. I have been wanting to do this since a very long time...since I was living in Denmark. Thought I would share the pic with you of my sketch.

Also some pics attached of my own villa in Cumberland, in Ontario...lol. Its not Tuscany but we love it! Have a great week everyone and happy painting


Bunny said...

Beautiful! Both your sketch and your house look comfy, warm, and inviting! Lovely home. :)

Caroline said...

Super sketch, Lisa - looking forward to seeing this one come together! I've never been to Italy and do sooo want to travel there! What a lovely home and garden you have - bet you're enjoying that wonderful green after all the snow!

Kim said...

this is going to be lovely Lisa....and just look at your beautiful house... the grass is soooo green :))
we're having some very wild weather over here in fact there has been flooding further north this week..
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your sister today Aunty Lisa ;)))
I love your poppy shoes..they're stunning!!

Lisa Lorenz said...

HI Karen, thanks so much for the lovely comments. Always appreciate your vist.

Hi Caroline, Thanks so much. I am really loooking forwar to it coming alive on teh canvas too. OH you will have to travel to Italy. It is just so beautiful. Its actually my fav place. Thanks for the compliments on our home. We sure are enjoying the green after the snow. My greass took a beating and we had it treated and airerated and put down new seed too. We have lots of trees so its very shady. have a great weekend.

Hey mate, so great to see you!! And thanks for the kind words. Happy to see green grass and not snow! LOL. The winters are long here! How you doing. Busy with the props? I heard about the flooding. Gosh its terrible. the fires the floods, I hate these things. As soon as I know about the baby I will drop you a line. Aunty Lisa sounds..nice :) take care and have a great weekend