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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proud Aunty

Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you all know my blog friends that my sister had her baby Friday at 11:41 pm - May 22. She is a big baby - 9 lbs - 21 inches long.

I just got back from visiting from Montreal. I drove down early Saturday morning as I could not wait to see my little niece: Margaux. She is abosultely beautiful. She has the cutest button nose and beautifully shaped lips, long fingers and she makes little sighs when she sleeps. I see myself and sister so much in her! A real little princess. I cant believe how so much in love I am with her.

I want to thank you all so much for your wishes and kind words. You are such wonderful friends. Have a great week. It's raining here and I am happy! Will be good for my garden and the plants. I also can spend time working away on my new Painting and a new painting for my niece - something cute and pink for her little bedroom. I think this will be one spoiled little baby...LOL

Proud Aunty & Godmother at the hospital -Baby - barely 1 day old

My hubby and the GodFather with baby

Just 2 days oldFinally got a snap with her little eyes open


Kim said...

ohhh Lisa ..baby Margaux is adorable!!!
I feel all clucky :)
you and Andreas look so proud and happy...
my best wishes to your sister and hubby :)
9lbs is such a healthy weight and 21 inches...she will probably be tall .. Alexander was 8 lbs 8 ozes and I thought that was big!!

your new painting looks stunning framed and it looks like you have picked a wonderful spot for it..
have a wonderful Friday Lisa :))

Caroline said...

Oh, Congratulations on becoming Auntie Lisa!! Margaux is so precious and you and your hubby look like you'll be doting on her!! Lucky baby!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much for the lovely comments. So sweet of you. We are both so proud and happy. Have a great weekend Kim... Anxious to see your new works of beautiful Charlotte

Hi Caroline, Thansk for the lovely comments too. We are over the moon and dotting like crazy...this will be one loved little girl.

Bunny said...

Congratulations, Aunty! Awwww Lisa, she is so gorgeous! I love her name, it's beautiful. I agree with the spoiling... she is a lucky little lady, I'm sure Aunty will teach her to paint when she's older, hmm? ;)

Best wishes to the new family!