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Thursday, August 25, 2011

WIP of my latest painting - Riomaggiore Cinque Terre

Hi Everyone, hope you are all having a nice week. I thought I would do a work in progress of my latesting painting to share with you all. I began work yesterday on my new painting of Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre.

First My Sketch which you already saw. Then I prepared my drawing on canvas. I am using a big one for this project: 60 x 90. The most difficult part I find of the process to draw your sketch idea onto the canvas. Always a messy job - my hands were black after from the charcoal.

The I started off by blocking in the colour for all the windows. I had to use some paint (sienna to just outline a few of the buildings, and rock wall section) for some ajustments which I need to stand out. As I had some green paint left over and the sienna, I decided to add some yellow orchre, paynes grey, and some white to do some of the stone work, etc.

Then added some blue too and did the sky and added that to the paint mixture for the stones, etc. Then I started with the water using an "out of the tube" tourquise and then made the outine for the boats. I will now start adding colour to the buildings. So far so good, the painting is progressing well. I am quite excited about this new project. Stay tuned. Have a great day

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