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Friday, November 9, 2007

Martini Time - 1st Canvas wip

Hi Everyone, I began some work on my 1st canvas - Martini Time on this very windy, rainy day. I blocked in my background colour with a nice acqua green. Then I did my drawing on the canvas. I am quite content with the layout and design.

Now I have blocked in colour - I am painting with a big brush and feeling very loose. I have no reference pics and I am just going with the flow and having fun! Colours used: tit white, pathlo blue, paynes grey, pahtlo green, olive green, lemon yellow.

I am also not sure about the stars....Stayed Tuned......This painting is making we want to have a martini! LOL. Tonight when Andreas gets home from his biz trip - I will whip us up some - and they will be shaken not stirred!

Okay I added another wash of colour (greys, white blue) for the shaker and on the glasses and did an out line--still more work to be done on the glasses -the shaker is almost done. I am seeing it really coming together. I am having so much fun painting this one --could it be that I love drinking! LOL. So, I removed the stars and added another coat on the acqua green background. I will most likelt put the stars back in at the end after I see my retro circle design, and I am thinking hot pink to match the olive sticks (which are not done yet). I will also most likely add the red pimento bits in the olives. That will add some nice splash of red.

Okay, I am calling it a day as it is dark here now and I have troubles working under fake light. But I really feel like painting more, but I am best to work under fresh eyes and daylight tomorrow. I dont want to screw up what I just accomplished today.

Tomorrow I will begin the modelling work everywhere and painting in my retro circles. Have a great Friday night everyone. I am off to make myself a good martini and wait for my hubby who has been away all week. xoxoxo


maggie said...

hey lisa, looks delicious.... jumps right out at you in the pic
a real winner this one love it again love mom

Kim said...

what a sensational idea Lisa !!!!
these are going to look fabuloso in you bar area....I remember seeing this room on the real estate guide and I wondered what you would come up with...the sketches look terrific....
this will certainly keep you busy....
have a great weekend mate....and enjoy that martini :)

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Mama....thanks so much my dear :). Have a great weekend...xoxoxo

hey Kim, thanks so much mate..really appreciate your enthusiastic comments. you are too sweet! Yep, these paintings will keep me busy for a while. I am progressing well on the martini one. I never ended up having my martini..LOL...xoxoxo