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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wrapping up my latest painting

Hi Everyone, hope you all had lots of trick or treaters last night. Unfortunately, I did not have one! I was a little disappointed. Oh well, when we move back to Canada I am pretty sure we will get many.

I managed to do lots of work today on my autumn bloom painting and I am just about done. Tomorrow I will do some modeling work on the back ground and it will be finished!
Sorry about the pic, it is dark here right now and I could not get a decent picture, as I had to use the flash, so we are not seeing some nice contrasts in the flowers.

Wishing you all a great evening.


Kim said...

the extra details in the flowers have really made them pop out now Lisa...it looks stunning ..I bet you can't wait to hang it in your new house.....
we don't have halloween here....but I know Canada celebrates it.....another reason for you to go home haha...
have a terrific weekend mate..

Lisa Lorenz said...

HI Kim, I am quite slow with my blog these days. Have been running around getting things done for Andreas....I really appreciate your feedback.