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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuscany Delights Promotion

Hello Everyone, A few weeks ago I mentioned that I entered in an agreement with an Italian Restaurant in Montreal "St. Jean Pizzeria" to have my Tuscany Delights painting image on their pizza delivery cars! Well Here is a pic of the Car. The car was unveiled on May 14th at the Golf Course in St. Jean. I think it turned out Brilliantly! I love the way they cropped the image and the colours are wonderful match to the original.

One of the conditions was to have my name displayed next to my image and I am very happy to see how they incorporated my name/website in the design. It's some great advertising for me and my work! I would love to have one for myself to zoom zoom around in!

St. Jean Pizzeria Promotional Delivery Car:


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Oh I ♥ this!

Steve Haskamp said...

So fantastic!!!

Costescu said...

That is so awesome! Your work looks amazing anywhere :)