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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Painting and Dreaming of Sydney

Hi Everyone, Well I had a great weekend with my sister Mary and her fiance Martin. We ate some great meals, drank nice wine and played lots of Poker (Texas Hold'em) I just love that game. So now back to the grind, I began work yesterday on my Sensational Sydney painting and I am progressing very well. It also helps that we are having some very wintery weather. There is a snow storm going on today and it is the perfect weather to stay in all cozy and get caught up on your paintings.

My drawing on canvas. It was quicker and easier then I was anticipating. With experience, I tend not to fuss so much about the drawing on the canvas as I tend to repaint over areas and do the details and modeling work towards the end.

Then I did some outlining and was not very happy at all with the top slope of my bridge, so I re-did the bridge more like on my sketch. Andreas agreed and he said it was too bulbous..LOL.

Blocking color and to the water area. I was a little lazy and wiped out some of the sail boats but I will add them back in later. I find it easier like that. I also added the ferry and I did not really like it in the composition - it was too large and distracting from the beautiful Opera house, so there will be only some colorful sailboats. I am almost at the stage of painting that I enjoy: the refining details, lights/darks. At this rate, I am hoping to be finished by the end of the week!


Kim said...

This looks marvellous Lisa!!!!
the shape of the bridge is terrific....as is the opera house with those great sails and the way that you have curved the rocks' buildings area around really leads the eye into the painting......wonderful.....the composition is terrific with the Sydney skyline and Luna Park filling in the top area soooo well
....simply greattttt!!!!!!
love and hugs from down under

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much for looking and posting...Appreciate it very much. I am now in the phase of my scrubbings - adding details - lights and darks. It is coming together - I love this stage of painting. Will post an update pic soon. Have a great day mate! Love and hugs from CPH. I can tell you I am dreaming of beautiful warm Sydney - We had a crazy blizzard yesterday and it is still coming down this morning - I think we got like 25 cm...oh the joys of winter - NOT! LOL

Kuniko said...

Interesting to know.