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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sensational Sydney - Finished

Hi Everyone, I am very happy to announce that I finished my "Sensational Sydney" painting for my lovely friend Kim Barker. It has been a wonderful time painting this beautiful city and doing this painting swap with you mate! The painting is 40 x 50 cm done in Acrylics and part of my Travel Series. I thank you all so much for dropping by my WIP over the past week and for all your wonderful comments!

Sydney, Australia Painting


Kim said...

Lisa.....just one word.....SUPERB!!!!
we love it.......the cats, the koala, the little bird on the post.....the bridge is magnificent as is the opera house and Luna park and of course those colours are sensational.....and that sky is outstanding......you have captured the essence of Sydney better than any Aussie artist ever could.....
a huge thank you from all of us.....xxxxxxxxxxxx0000000000000
have a great day mate!!!!!!

Bee said...

Lisa this is just so brilliant! You must like your friend very much ... I wouldn't want to part with it! :-))

Sandy said...

Lisa...this is brilliant! Sydney is truly like your wonderful painting.It is the most beautiful harbour and your painting also shows the brilliance of the Australian light.Well done!

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I am very happy. what a kind things to say! Anxious for you to get the originals....Big hugs and love from CPH.

Hi Bee, Thanks so much for that...I really appreicate you dropping by. Oh yes, its hard to give up paintings sometimes...but I am so happy to know that Kim really loves it and will be happy with the paitning and we did a super swap - I am getting two amazing portraits of me and my hubby! Which we just LOVE!

Hi Sandy, Thanks so much and it is so nice of you to drop by my blog. I agree with you about Sydney having the most beauitful harbout. I adore this city! Wish I could live there :)

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