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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now at Galerie de la Rive

Thought I would share some of my exciting news with you all. Galerie de la Rive in Rockland, Ont. asked me to be a permanent artist at their gallery. I am quite honoured as there are many artists in Ottawa that are always looking for space to exhibit and they chose moi! I have a wall space and at the moment have 9 of my floral paintings on display. I thought they were a good choice for Spring. These paintings will be on display till mid June, when we rotate for new paintings.

We will also be having a big group exhibition the weekend of March 28th/29th. It looks like it will be a nice exhibition with lots of activities. There will be artists demontrations on the 28th, with lots more exciting activities. We basically hold 4 big group exhibitions a year plus some smaller ones in between. It’s a new gallery so they are still working out these events and details.

What’s nice is that I can remain exhibiting at Galerie de la Rive and also exhibit by work at other galleries. There are a few more that have answered me and will have some space this Fall. So things are moving for me and I am quite excited.

Yesterday, I met the director of the gallery and she is very nice. Then some other artist members came by and they were all very kind. I am very happy to belong to this group and also make some new friends. I have been finding my adjustment back in Ottawa, Canada a little difficult as I don’t know many people here. It’s also so nice to be with other artists and I missed that contact.

A few pics from the Gallery:

The Exhibition Poster from the Gallery

Wishing you all a great day, xoxo Lisa


Regina said...

Excellent news, Lisa! I hope that as you are getting more integrated into the local art community that you will make more friends. Friends really are a treasure.
I really like the impact your happy paintings make as a group.
I have a blog award for you on my blog if you would like to pick it up there.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa! That is exciting news! Your paintings look wonderful all together on the wall, so cheerful and warm.

Sounds like you're doing well getting your art out in the public. I'm so happy for you. Seeing your work always brightens my day; I'm glad you will be brightening the lives of other people who see your work, and that you are meeting new people too!

All the best. :)

Anita said...

Oh Lisa - COngratulations! How incredibly exciting!
Love seeing all your work together like that.

Caroline said...

Fantastic Lisa - congratulations on getting your work in the gallery! They make a wonderful show together. Understand how you feel about meeting like minded people - I too only feel 'at home' when I've hooked up with some arty types! By the way, Tia will be very impressed when I tell her that you have her photo in your studio!!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Ah Ladies you are the best bunch....thanks so much for the lovely comments and well wishes. I really appreicate it. Take care, and I will let you all know how it goes....xxooxo

Kim said...

wow the gallery looks marvellous Lisa...
big congratulations!!!!
I'm sure you will be a huge success :))
oh and grats to your sister too on her baby news!!
I love your shoe designs...they are wonderful....
hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring over there :-X

Costescu said...

Congratulations Lisa, how exciting. I really like how you have hung the paintings as well, they look awesome, a breath of fresh air on the wall :)