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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exhibition Weekend - A Great Time

HI Everyone, this weekend was the exhibition at the Galerie de la Rive. There was a great turn out and everyone was raving about it. On Saturday it was the artist Demo Day. Many of us were there doing painting demonstrations. There was loal portrait Artist Olaf Krassnitzky present doing portraits. I had a wonderful time working on my Calla Lilly painting.

Some pictures from the Demo:
Portraits being done

One of our talented photographers giving a demo about framing canvas prints

Me - doing my demo
my sister Mary and I
My colourful art cards - My cards are now being sold directly from my studio at 5 blank cards with envelopes for $10.00 If anyone is interested in purchasing my art cards please contact me by email: lalorenz@sympatico.ca
Sunday was the big Vernisage and it was just wonderful. We had a huge turn out. We had a live jazz band present, along with some wonderful wine and canapes. Again the portrait Artist was also present. The gallery also hosted an Art Contest sponsored by Caisse populaire Trillium, with whom the Gallery has now established a permanent partnership. Every primary school in Clarence-Rockland was invited to participate. My family even drove down from Montreal to share in my big day. I met lots of new interesting people and sold many of my art cards.

Some pics from the big day:
At home - getting ready to leave
Andreas managing the art cards The Jazz Band

Andreas and my parents


Caroline said...

I enjoyed seeing all your photos and reading about your exhibition weekend! Looks like you had a ball!

Kim said...

wow Lisa
looks like one exciting and successful weekend!!!
I love your outfit...the black and white shirt looks stunning with the black...
doesn't Andre look great too...you have a very handsome salesman there ;)
your parents look very proud and your sis too!!
congratulations Lisa..
you certainly have earnt the recognition!!
ps you are already listed at TAD ..but I would love to add one of your wonderful paintings and bio to your listing when you have time..
Top Artists Directory
xxxx and 0000

simoart said...

I have to stop and let you know that I love your pictures, I wish you the best at your exhibition. Keep up the good work. Congratulations

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks for dropping by ...always appreciate your lovely visit. It was a great tiem and I met lots of new people. xoxo Lisa

Hi Kim, great to see you mate. Was just thinking of you the other day. Thanks for your lovely comments and support as always. We had a great time at the exhibit. And the best thing is I am slowly meeting lots of people. have a great weekend, xoxoxo Lisa

Hi simoart, nice to meet you and thanks for the comments.