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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Sketches

Hi Everyone, It has been a very busy week for me so far. I am getting all sorts of things done before the big exhibition this weekend!!! wohoo I cant wait. I was at the Printers yesterday getting some 400 prints made of my work on greeting cards. They will be ready on Friday. I will sell them at the exhibition.
Now I am working on some sketches and ideas for some paintings. I need to bring a painting with me on Saturday for the Artist Demos. I really want to have the drawing on the canvas and some coloured blocked in for my demo. So here are a few sketches I have done. I am not sure what I will go with yet....

I think this one is my fav...the poppies - but the canvas will be a long one. Might be to cumbersome to work on over there.

Some Pink Calla lillies..not sure about the background colours...yet.
I think I will play with more colour combos. I think I will take out the browns at the bottom.

More sketches...Will colour in today.
Funky Roses and bullrushes

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Bunny said...

Oh, I like your sketches! I don't think I've seen any before. I think "bullrushes" is such a funny name for those plants. I always think of a bull rampaging through the marsh. Hehe. We have always called them "cat tails," another strange but maybe more fitting name in my opinion. :D