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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brilliant Art Works by Students in England

Back in early February, I was approached by Art Teacher, Brigitte Green, from the Ashford Friars Prep School in Ashford, Kent, England. She inquired about using my colourful landscape images for her art project. I was very honoured that she considered my work and gave her the permission.

Well, much to my delight I received an email from the art teacher yesterday and she sent along a few pics of the students' works. The children are in year 3 (7 to 8 years old). Their teacher, Brigitte Green, printed some of my landscape paintings and glued them onto A3 paper and she asked them to 'finish the picture'. She informed me that they worked in oil pastels because of the bold and bright colours I use in my paintings.

I was so impressed and pleased with their work I thought I would share the images with you on my painting website and studio blog. I think their work is absolutely brilliant and they are ALL very talented.

"Funky Landscapes" by students in Year 3 at the Ashford Friars Prep School in Ashford, Kent, England:


Limey Girl said...

They are great.
Prior to reading your note, I scanned the images and thought "wow they so resemble Lisa's work" how could so many students mimic her style....then went back to read what you'd written.
You must be so proud to be honored this way, and from so far away!
Kudos to you for the inspiration you gave to the teacher and her students and kudos to the budding new artists!

Kim said...

ohhh how delightful Lisa...and what a wonderful challenge for the students...
your wonderful work would have been an inspiration for them :))

Caroline said...

Wow aren't these brilliant! And what a thrill for you, Lisa!

Lisa Lorenz said...

WOW, Thanks for all the comments ladies. I really appreciate it! so sweet of you to drop by my blog on a reg basis. have a great day xoxxo Lisa