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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back to my Easel

Hi everyone, it has been quite some time from my last post. I was away on a little trip to Iceland. My husband was there for some business and I went to join him for a long weekend. It was an interesting trip and the country was much more different than I imagined. For spring the weather was quite cold and extremely windy. There are hardly any trees in Iceland as it is basically a volcano. It is very barren and there are volcanic rocks all over. It really felt like I was visiting another planet...lol. We rented a car and toured around and saw some geysers and beautiful waterfalls. One of my highlights of the trip was to swim in the Blue Lagoon - the Thermal Baths. The water is so warm and a magnificent blue. We felt so refreshed after our swim. It is also a very expensive in Iceland as everything costs a small fortune. We also ate some wonderful scampi’s at a very nice “cozy” restaurant. I am glad I went but I don’t think I would go back. Coming from Canada, we are quite spoiled with a beautiful, large, wilderness country.
A few pics from Iceland
Driving on the Highway - the volcanic rocks
One of the Geyser s
Andreas and I at the Falls

Then my in-laws were here for a visit and we took them to Berlin to celebrate their 50th Wedding anniversary. They had a great time. It was my first time to Berlin and it was very interesting. They are really re-building Berlin since the collapse of the wall. There is lots of great shopping too. I loved the big department store KaDeWe...which is similar to Harrods in London. They have a super food courts and restaurants on the top floor.
Having Fun at Check Point Charlie
These fun Bears were all over the City and painted in different colors with various Motifs. I really liked them!
So the trips are over and my in-laws have left and I have been anxious to start work on a new painting. I have decided to do another floral for my funky floral series. This time I am painting the interesting, colorful flower - Ranunculus.

Here is my idea and rough sketch for the painting. I wasn’t sure if I should paint the vase like glass and have the stems showing thru. I think I will do it a sold color. I have no idea at the moment what to name the painting. So if you have any ideas, please let me know. Also would appreciate any comments you may have.


Kim said...

hi Lisa
great photos!!!...those bears are very cute...looks like the weather was pretty col...brrr..... you look pretty rugged up there!!!
very unusual flowers...I think the opaque vase would work well ....the purple is a nice contrast...
happy painting...
hugs and xxxx

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much for dropping by. It was quite cold in Iceland..lol...hence the name.
Yes, these flowers are quite different looking and what a name they have. I am going to start my painting today. Have a great day....xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

hi Lisa thanks for the nice pics of Iceland, always fun looking at all your adventures around the Globe.... the orange flowers will be quite beautiful, and I love the purple vase, nice contrast .... love for now kisses mom