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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Floral Project - WIP

Hi everyone, I am back from my mini trip to Budapest, Hungary and I had a great time. What a beautiful city with so much history, art and gorgeous architecture. It was one of my best trips ever. I will have to download my pictures and upload a few for your viewing.

Well, yesterday was a holiday here "Whit Monday" and the weather was not so nice so I did some floral sketches and came up with my next idea for my funky floral series. Its all about hydrangeas and beautiful blues with an antique flare!

Here is my rough sketch.
"Country Blues" to be done on 40 x 50 cm canvas in Acrylic

Drawing on Canvas..Added a few more flowers as I had more room on my canvas.

Blockign in color now for the background - some powder blue and some green for the leaves. Back to the easel!


Kim said...

I love the blues Lisa!!!
My Mum has purple and pink ones....
I think these will be lovely...
BTW...I have posted your meme today.....and have left it open to everyone as this is my 4th one this month....this one was lots of fun and pretty random!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, thansk so much for the comments. Oh pink and purples..I was thinking of doing those colors too..but I wanted some blue flowers in my series..I might do some like that too later on.
Thanks for doing the meme...I read yours..its super! Have a great day hugs xoxoxo