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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ranunculus WIP - Continued

Hi Everyone, I was able to work a bit on the weekend on my floral painting.
Here is my progress so far of my wip sesssions. I think I might be finished today!
EDIT: This is why I love having my studio blog. Once I loaded the pic and was looking at the painting on screen, I realized..I just hate the flower that is sideways (viewers left). It just sticks out like a sore thumb. There is no symmetry on the other side and my eye is drawn too much to that corner. I am going to make the flower hanging over the vase to be open like the right side. I spoke to my sister - my little muse and she agreed with me. Wondering what you all think of this? Thanks so much.

Okay - I played around in my photoshop and this is how I will revise the painting now. Geez I am not a happy camper! Wish I could have seen this before
or this
This Morning's work: Some outlining in the flowers, need to add some more contrasting lights and the do the centres!

Weekend Work:


Kim said...

Yes I like the latest version Lisa...
with the flower facing forward...terrific colours....so vibrant!!!!
have a great day painting!!!!

Lisa said...

Hiya Kim, thanks for dropping by..appreciate your feedback for the edits...hoping to finish today. xoxo