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Friday, August 10, 2007

Lavender Update

Hi Everyone, I have been working on my Lavender painting every other day and I took a few pics of my painting progress.

Drawing on Canvas

Then I blocked in some nice cad yellow medium with a tint of white for background. Put some masking tape around the edges where I will have my cobalt blue border - about 1 inch from the sides all round. I also then pretty much finished the pail and the wording was a difficult task...I tell you. I felt like an old fashion typesetter..LOL

Added some greens to the stems and finished my cord/knot. Then I had the very difficult task of adding the cobalt blue to the borders. Thought I was going to pull my hair out. But I am very happy with it.

Where I am now. Blocked some lavender color (perm violet, white, and some quin.red) for the flowers. I now will do some outlining and define the flowers. I was really hoping to finish today but I dont think I will be able to work on the painting till Monday.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Kim said...

the cobalt blue looks great and lovely detail on the rope Lisa....
the colour combination is beaut.....looking forward to seeing the finish....I love this French series.......I will have to show them to my sister as she loves the French Provincial look....

Lisa said...

Hey Kim, Wow, Thanks so much. I just finished the painting today. I am quite happy with it. I have noted your birthday now August 9th and Charlotte the 10th...so nice to be mother and daughter a day apart and the same sign too! I wish you a very happy belated birthday...You are the greatest! xoxoxo

Kim said...

thanks so much Lisa
hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxx