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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Painting Idea - Tuscany

Hi Everyone, Well, I needed a new painting to start, and I felt in a slump yesterday..LOL. Andreas says to me, a slump? How can you be in a slump, you just finished the lavender like 2 days ago…LOL. He is so cute.

Anyways, I need to paint! I live for painting..LOL. And I often have many ideas rolling around my head and I felt like taking a break from the florals, but I had no idea what to paint. So I decided on something that I had in my thoughts for a long time now. I have always wanted to paint an Italian Kitchen scene for my future home with all my favourite Italian Ingredients. I love Italian food – particularly from Tuscany and also its beautiful areas and wonderful pottery and colors! I am a real Italy fan as you can tell from my past paintings and ideas. I must have been Italian in my past life.

Anyways. Here is my very rough sketch (from my crazy imagination) for my next painting. Entitled “Tuscany Delights”. It will be a big one – 60 x 80 cm painted landscape. Wondering what you all thought of the idea. I think I am up for lots of work on this baby!

Wishing you all a wonderful day. Well, I am dead beat tired and I have to go work out now. Have to get in shape for the big wedding!

Kisses to you all
Love Lisa

Oh and here is picture of my beautiful flower bouquet my hubby bought me on Monday for our wedding anniversary. And I have to advise you all that we are married 11 years not 12....LOL. I go that wrong the other day! Crazy me!


maggie said...

hi lisa, wow they look gorgeous
what a bouquet.... obviously Denmark does not have a problem growing flowers ha ah (no food) but lots of flowers love mom

Kim said...

that is such a beautiful bouquet Lisa !!!!!
I suppose you could always eat the flowers if there is no food (as your Mum says..lol)
I love your new Tuscany sketch....this will be magnificent Lisa......and what a great subject for your new kitchen.....I have a weakness for Tuscany too......
haha you in a painting slump :0
Andreas is right!!!!...you just finished a painting this week !!!!!
looking forward to seeing this wonderful WIP !!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Mama....thansk so much..boy did I laugh at your comment...yeah they run out of food..but they have lots of flowers, but they run out too..and you have to watch out..they die quickly sometimes. poor DK...

Hiya Kim, Wow thansk so much. LOL...appreciate your feedback on the tuscany sketch. Will begin work on my painting soon. Its crazy, now I have so many paintings here, its looking like a zoo! LOL. cant wait to move back to Canada to have an exhibition.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Wow what a beautiful bouquet. And I love the new sketch and update you send me of the new painting - it is gorgeous. Perfect for my kitchen when I buy my house...hint hint don't sell this one baby!!! I adore it. I will call you tomorrow morning like my usual Saturday routine. Hugs Mary