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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuscany - Still Life WIP

Hi Everyone, Thought it was time to post a progress of my Tuscany Delights - Still Life WIP. It is going quite well, but lots more work than I anticipated. I am still in the blocking in colour phase and I still have a bit more to do. This stage of painting is so boring but it has to be done..LOL. And crucial for me to play with my colours. Once that is done, I will soon begin modeling the objects, which is the fun part of the painting-anyways for moi!

First - My Drawing on Canvas - as always messy! lol

Blocking in lots of lemon yellow for the yellowy-golden objects and some cyan/white for the sky
Now some blue green for the foliage and green parts. Added a nice warm wash of napthol red and yellow to hillside - bread and sunflower centres.

Still blocking in lots of color. Decided to add a bit of yellow to the sky - reflecting off the sun-kissed hillside. (we cant see this so well) but I will take a zoomed in pic of that. Then I warmed up the hillside a bit with some cad yellow medium/red wash. Also a coat on the sunflower petals. Then started blocking in colour for the other objects in my composition. The colors I have going on here are: cad yellow med, cobalt blue, lemon yellow, burgundy for wine and vinegar. Some napthol red for the tomatoes, etc., some naples yellow for the olive oil jar, and a mixture of my own terracotta (orchre, yellow, sienna, red) for my clay pesto pot, also added some cerulean blue hue/white to the table cloth. I had it tourquise before, but did not really fancy that color too much in the scheme of things.

So I am off to block in some more color for my grapes, pots, cheese and another coat here and there and then I will begin to bring this baby to life! My hubby has just left for a mini business trip so I will be living the artist life for the next two days: no cooking, no cleaning, no wifeing....lol. Just me, my easel, and paints. Hope I can wrap her up before the weekend! Big hugs to you all and have a great day!


Kim said...

ohhhh Lisa
this is looking sensational !!!!!
wonderful design, shapes and colour.....
soooo you are living the life of an artist ....haha....no cooking ...cleaning....how terrific !!! :D

maggie said...

Hi Lisa you love of Italy, is showing through with this one, and of course Italian cooking (hehe) looking great..usual beautiful colours anxious for finished product (heard it might already be sold() love mom

Lisa said...

Hi Kimm, Ohhhh Thanks so much my dear. Really appreciate your lovely comment. Yeah I am living la vida loca! I tell you. But yesterday I did not paint..LOL. SO much for that. I got carried away with my cards and simpson characters. Then took a bike ride. Trying to get in shape..xoxoxo

Hi mama, Oh yes, my love for Italy is strong. When I am painting I am dreaming of their food and my beautiful vacation memories there. Yeah, I think she might be sold...a little girl named Mary was very excited about it. But a big boy named Andreas loves it too! LOL. Wishing you a great day mama...xoxoxo

sneha said...

Some Times Great Work Can Not Be Expressed In Words....You Have Great Blog

Todd said...

This will not succeed in reality, that is what I think.