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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuscany Delights Finished!

Hi Everyone, Woohoo, I am very happy and having a big kick-ass glass of vino right now and listening to my fav guy "Mr. Dean Martin". I am toasting my new painting. Just off the easel and I am very happy with my first still life.

So here is a picture of the latest painting:
"Tuscany Delights", 60 x 80 cm

And a few close up so you can see some details:

Geez man...the nice orange lights/and darks on the red tomatoes just dont want to show up well on my stupid pics.
And a pic-lol -of all the paints I used - you can also see my messy colourful smock above.

Appreciate any comments you may have and many thanks to you all for your lovely comments during my WIP. Have a great Evening

I will be taking a short painting break from painting before I will be leaving for vacation to Canada for my sister's big wedding, and I can barely wait. So I have quite a bit to do before I leave. So I will see you all back at the easel on October 10th. Have a great upcoming Labour Day!


maggie said...

Hi Lisa, I am sure your painting, will inspire the gourmets to start cooking up some pasta ala italiano,
the colours will look great in any dining area and bring life to any kitchen .... it is lovely.. love mom

Kim said...

Wow !!!! Lisa this is brilliant and I love all the close ups....each one in itself is a mini masterpiece !!!!!!
I am going to miss you :(
So exciting......that has come around so fast.....seems like only yesterday that you were looking for a dress.....oh I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and I hope that Mary's wedding is perfecto.....I'm sure you will both look bellissimo !!!!
big hugs and kisses
love from down under ........

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Mama, thanks so much..love you! Yeah it makes me hungry and want to cook itliano....mama does mamba..lol

Hi Kim, oh..i am blushing...thanks so much sweetie! really appreicate your lovely comments. Oh man, yeah does where time fly. I cant believe it. And you guys are in your Fall now and heading towards summer. Our summer is over here. It has been the worse bloddy summer ever!
The good thing is I can check your blog and emails at my mama's..she has the computer too. So mate, thansk again SOOO much..have a great day...kisses and hugs, xoxoxo

Kim said...

oh that's great news Lisa !!!!!
we are having some lovely weather here ....warm enough to paint out on the balcony.......
have a safe trip mate....and a great holiday :)
love and kisses

Anita said...

Lisa - superb! Great close ups too - each is perfect on its own! Looking forward to lots of still lifes from you!

Lisa Lorenz said...

Thanks so much Kim, happy to hear you having some nice weather.

Hi Anita, Thanks so much for dropping by and you kind words...really sweet!

Bee Skelton said...

Absolutely FABULOUS Lisa! Great composition and so much going on. Hope you do many more still lifes ... your style suits them so well :)

Deborah said...

I love this one Lisa. And I love the vibrant colors you use in your works, beautiful, as are the paintings you've done for your calendar and greeting catds :-)

All the best with your sister's upcoming wedding in Montreal. I'm in Edmonton Alberta, about 2 a days' drive or 5 hour flight west from Montreal. I've never been there, but I've seen pics of some beautiful scenery there.

Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Bee, so great to see you and thanks for dropping by and your lovely comments....best wishes to you

Hi Deborah, so nice to see you. And thanks for your wonderful kind words about my painting. I have only been out west a few times on Biz trips. It is so beautiful. I hope to go again soon for a real vacation out there. Canada is just so big, that many of us Canadians dont even have a chance to visit our own country! Best wishes to you.