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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

White Tulips - Almost Finished

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a nice weekend. Ours was quite nice but of course the weather was lousy. The last time we had something that was like summer weather was 3 weeks ago. Oh well, nonetheless, we had our friends Line and Carsten over for a bbq on Saturday night to watch the bomb fires along the Bay here for Sankt Hans Dag (the witch burning tradition and summer solstice evening). It was a lovely evening and we snuggled up with lots of candles and blankets.

(Carsten, Andreas and Line)

(Some early fires starting)

Yesterday I had some errands to run and took a nice long bike ride. So today, I managed to finally work on my White Tulips and I am almost finished. I am pretty much wrapping up the painting now. I completed the leaves with: light green, lemon yellow, pathlo green and some Sap Green – wet in wet and some scrubbings:
And the vase with some tit-white, naples yellow, Prussian blue
The vase close up...I am very happy with it, but I might still add some more lights in the little flowers. This will all be done at the end with the last tweakings.

Next I will tackle the white tulips with tit-white, Prussian blue, paynes grey, and some turquoise….Wish me luck! I hate working with white.

Finished the white flowers and I am very happy with the results. Only the background left to do:

Stay tuned for the final painting. Wishing you a great day! and Happy painting and blogging!


Kim said...

It looks like you had a lovely weekend Lisa...the fires look really cozy...
your painting looks beautiful...I love the greens in the leaves....they are such a wonderful contrast to the crispness of the tulips....the blue is working so well with the greens and the whites...
happy painting...
congratulations on getting into the first 50 finalists (pre selections) at BTF....

Anita said...

Lisa, you make me homesick for somewhere I have never been able to call home! I hope to come to Denmark in the next year to stay with my sister and her husband. I love Danish summers!

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much. really appreciate that. I am a bit slow with this painting. Must be the lousy weather here, but I have beein painting at a snail's pace..LOL. Yeah, this BTF is super, I am getting lots of hits and it is fun. Thanks so much for introducing me to the site. You are doing amazing..no 2. Woohoo. big hugs mate..xoxoxo

Hey Anita, Oh no..homesick...well I hope you visit your sister soon and maybe we can meet up one time in DK...that would be a hoot! Wishing you a great day! the weather...has been not so great these past days..I am hoping we get some nice weather soon. Tak for your comments!