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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Floral Request

My sister's best friend Tara is a very big fan of my funky florals and has been ordering prints on canvas (giclees) for her new home. She recently purchased country blues and loves the whole town and country style and made a request that I do some white tulips. I am very touched by her recent purchase and all her kind words about my paintings, so I have decided to do a painting of white tulips in my new country pitcher for her decor. This painting will have a very similar color theme as my "Country Blues" Painting. It will be the same size as the rest of the series and done in acyrlics.

So I came up with this fast sketch this morning..but I will make the beige way more subtle for the painting. I did not have a good pastel color for this and it is far too dark on the sketch. I am also not sure about that one tulip leaning over the pot like that. What do you think? I think I need another, but I dont want to have two leaning over on both sides....like my past tulip painting "Dutch Delight". I want this one to be sort of different. I will also have less leaves.

So here's the rough sketch and I mean rough..LOL

Also a pic of my blue/light beige country I will be using as a base for my idea.

So I just got an email from Tara about the new idea and she wrote me a very sweet email and loves the painting idea and the floral bulb hanging out on one side:
Here is her email:

"Hey Lisa, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! You couldn't have painted it better than what I had imagined in my own head. I really really love it. Thanks so much for thinking of me and painting this for me.
I think you are right, the beige is a bit too dark but I do like the flower hanging over the edge like that. I can't wait to see the finished product.I can't tell you how much I appreciate you doing this for me, it really means alot. I can't wait to have them all hanging in my kitchen!"


Anonymous said...

WoW Lisa, yet another great painting in the works. You are like a machine!! LOL

<3 Sue

Kim said...

hey Lisa
I love the flower hanging over the edge too !!!!....and what a beautiful jug...looking forward to seeing how you tackle the whites in the tulips...
I agree with Sue.....you make me feel guilty...because I'm not painting as much as I should ...lol

Lisa said...

Hey Sue, Thanks so much. The energizer Bunny as you call me..LOL...Miss you..wish you were here for the witch burning night..and all the bomb fires on the water..will be thinking of you xoxox

Hiya Kim, heard there was more bad weather headed your way..hope it did not happen..geez. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and feedback of the hanging flower. Yeah I found that jug near my house at an old store..good price too..LOL. Oh boy, I am anxious to see how I will tackle the white flowers too..I will do them like my ballerina tutu..LOL
Dont feel too bad about taking a little break in between paintings..I think we need to sometimes. Wishing you a super day mate...hugs xoxoxo