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Monday, June 4, 2007

Lotus WIP - Moving Along

My progress - End of the Day:

Well, I am seeing it come together now. Did some outlining with paynes grey and added veins on leaves and the flowers. I will now begin the fun part tommorrow where I play with all my values!

I am bushed. It has been a long day man! Working this large takes so much time. I worked all day with a big brush # 15 and a no. 3 for outlining...So much longer then my florals on 40 x 50 cm canvas.

I am happy with where its going! I am already excited to see it finished....

EDIT: The top flower - viewers Left - Is not really a lotus...its more like a water lilly...so I just realized that..and she will be getting changed to more of a lotus shape....Andreas also pointed out the stem just stops there behind the pad...so I will continue it down to the bottom.....He has good eyes..that hubby of mine. This will be done tomorrow...too exhausted...Have a great night!

his mornings work:
Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. Our was quiet and relaxing with lots of bbqs...LOL.

I was up really early this morning and quite excited to begin work on my Lotus Bliss painting

So I drew the drawing on my canvas...Boy it was hard trying to copy your own sketch..LOL. And the size is 60 x 80 cm...big for me. I also bought a nice sliver weathered wood frame to go with the painting.

Then I blocked in some nice tourquise color mix for the background. Outlined in some ink on the drawing for guidance.

Blocked in color for the leaves, stems - lots of pathlo green and cad. yellow med.

Blocked in the pink now on the flowers..i went over my lines..oh well I will redefine..them.

Next an outline..in paynes grey, then I will work on the leaves...with lights and darks and modeling work. Then the flowers.


Kim said...

Lotus Bliss.....have you ever thought of writing poetry Lisa?...because all of your titles are really poetic.....
the turquoise colour with the green is sensational...this is going to be another masterpiece
happy painting.....

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, thanks for checking up on me. and your so sweet comments. Poetry...me..lol...I am a terrible writer...but I love making names for my paintings..I always fuss about that..and thinks its important...I like catchy names...and hey maybe I am poetic..especially after some red wine! lol...If I ever have the time or write a poem...you will be the first one I show it too....xoxoxo...

Kim said...

lol Lisa
and then I will put your poem on my poetry blog !!!
Mikey has featured one of his poems there and has sent some great articles on art ...he is so clever... I will post them soon...they are really interesting articles...
have a great day mate..