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Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Painting Idea - Lotus Bliss

Hi eveyrone, well I was up really early this morning and feeling very creative. So I started work on my next project. I have wanted a long time to paint lotus flowers. I just love these flowers.

I will do this painting on a big canvas either 50 x 70 or 60 x80 and paint in portrait position.I am not sure yet about the size. Anyways, It will be all pinks and greens and some sea green for the background. There will be no vase – I will go wild on this one…LOL filling up the entire canvas with color and shape.

So here is my rough sketch for my next painting done in wax pastels. I was limited for pinks. It is from my imagination. Painting will be called “Lotus Bliss” and I will have more dramatic pinks with my paints.

Wondering what you think of the idea. Andreas loves it!
Have a great Saturday. I am off to shower and then hit the art shop..I need some more paints..running low and we will do some other shopping!

Lousy grey rainy, cold weather here today


Kim said...

Wow Lisa!!!
you are on such a roll....and this is from your imagination....unbelievably pretty...Charlotte loves it too...
your calendar looks superb and the blue flowers make a wonderful front page....I will have to get over to zazzle and order some for chrissie...I have been so busy...
thanks for faming me .....it is a bit complicated to start with...you are doing well with your votes too!!!
enjoy your shopping...cold here...but sunny...xxxxooooooo

Lisa said...

Hiya Kim..wow..thanks for the great feedback...really appreciate it...you deserve to be famed your blog is super....wishing you a relaxing sunday! hi to your family for me...xoxoxo