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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

White Tulips WIP

Hi everyone, I completed the drawing on my canavas now...(messy as usual-lol). But I am very happy with the composition and flower arrangement. Also did a quicky outline with some ink for my guidlines. Now I will begin to block in color for the background and other items. I am going to play around with some blue mixtures for the background. I am thinking very pale blue.

Blocked in a nice powdery blue for the background. Going to work on the greens now

Blocked in a few coats of green, Next the white of the flowers

Blocking in more color - white and some naples yellow

Andded some outline in prussian blue/Tit white for guidelines. Will add more coats of white to the flowers and some white scrubbings to the vase - some beige will show from beneath.

Okay, I am between 3 names for this painting. First was of course Tara's Tulips as she requested this painting idea as she wants to buy a print of it. And it is a sweet this title but Andreas says a more generic name would be better for a broader audience. So given this,I thought about Country Classic, Country Romance, and Classic White...and Andreas wants "Classic White"...Wondering what you think... naming painting is quite hard but very important to me.


Kim said...

love the shape of the jug Lisa....what a good buy...I love picking up a bargain too.....I think Andrea's title is perfect although the personal one was very nice too.....
happy painting

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thansk so much. Yeah it was a good buy and Oh I love bargains too. Really appreciate your cheery posts and lovely comments..big hugs xoxoxo

Rodrigo said...
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Anita said...

I think the personal title is fine. Looking forward to seeing this completed.

Lisa said...

HI Anita, thanks so much for dropping by! PS..Love that new pic of you! Have a great day