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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lotus WIP - Wrapping up

Hi Everyone, I was up again very early after a good nights sleep.
Re: my post yesterday evening: I fixed the old Lotus - which was exactly more like a water lily.
I am now going to do the greens for the leaves, pads, pods, stems.
HOLD THE PRESS! Crappers...I see..now mabye too much space on the (left????) more petals...I am getting frustrated..LOL
Okay, being the perfectionist that I am, I went and made the one that was bugging me fuller to fill more of the space....Okay finally on to the greens!

Anways..here is the latest update of my lotus bliss project. I have almost completed the leaves. I am very happy with the results. Now I will be working on the flowers.

Andy has the day off today..Constitution day..here in DK. So after his little exercise and shower he wanted to see how his little painter works…he wanted to try adding some lights on darks…to see what painting was like. We had a good laugh. He said its not really for him. He said…it is a very long job..LOL and you have to have it in your blood to be an artiste!

So here are some pics for your viewing.

Phew...Almost done with the flowers...What a job!!!. Working with pinks and reds I find to be the most difficult colors....sometimes with wet on wet - the pink became almost muddy. I basically only used Quinacriodone Magenta and Tit white. Any other pinks did not give me the color I wanted. I will need to lighten up the top flowers a bit more. I will look at the end as a whole. I think I will be done with the painting tomorrow. Stay tuned for the final painting. Have a great evening.

A close up:


Bee Skelton said...

That zingy pink on the blue is just thrilling! Like the all over look very much.

Lisa said...

HI Bee, thanks so much for dropping by and all your support. Have a great day!

Kim said...

lol Lisa
are you playing spot the difference....I see now where you have filled the space...and you are right...and of course you are a perfectionist...that's why you are a fantastic artist !!!!

toooo cute...Andreas you look the part ...that's for sure !!!love your shirt...oh well you will have to leave the painting up to your resident expert...
hugs to you both


Lisa said...

Hey Kim...Oh lol..yeah spot the difference for sure..I alwasy spot things when i look at my work on the monitor. Fantastic artist..Oh you are too kind...Thanks so much. Yep, that's Andy's party shirt as he calls it..LOL
wishing you a super day..big hugs..xoxoxo