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Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from Lubeck - Back to Work

Hi everyone, I am back in Copenhagen and I had a really nice little trip to Lubeck, Germany.

It was a relaxing break from painting and the daily routine. We really enjoyed this little picturesque city near the East Baltic Sea. We stayed at the SAS Radisson along the canal and had a wonderful view from our hotel room.

Despite the weather being pretty lousy, we had a great time. We took a boat tour, explored pretty much every inch of this charming city and ate some wonderful food and did a bit of shopping. The marzipan store was wonderful to visit and Andreas loves it, so he bought quite a bit of this sweet German Treat.

A few pictures from our little getaway:

The St. Marien Church

Andreas outside the Marzipan Store. Everything is made out of this sweet German Treat

View of the Untertrave from the Hanshafen Canal
The Beautiful Holstentor

Our Good-Bye Dinner


Kim said...

hi Lisa !!!!
good to hear that you had a lovely break......
the photos are wonderful....Andreas looks like a cheshire cat in front of the marzipan shop......aren't the marzipans beautiful....and the buildings....wow....you both look very relaxed.......I remember going through Germany when I was on tour with the company...and I'll never forget how super clean everything was..

Lisa said...

Hey Kim, Thansk so much. Oh yeah Andreas sure does look like the cheshire cat..LOL..He bought so much I had to laugh. He will bring some home to Canada for xmas pressies. Yes, Germany is quite clean. It was a great little trip. A romantic getaway as my friends said...lol. Have a great day mate xxoxoxo