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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Frames & Other Stuff

Hi everyone, I got back 3 of my paintings framed yesterday and I am very pleased with the results. I framed my Hometown Festival in a nice weathered/silver box wood frame. (However the color is not really coming up so well as the weather is cold and grey here again). This one matches all my other ones (portofino, nyhavn, etc).

The one I am very thrilled about is my Lotus Bliss painting. I chose a chocolate wood – sort of Thai style frame for this painting. I am thinking the rest of my florals will look good with this frame but 1 inch smaller. The Frame store is going to inquire from their supplier if they can obtain this size for the frame.

I also framed the little ballerina in a goldish weathered box wood frame. But she is wrapped up. I am keeping it that way to bring to canada to give to as a gift to my lovely mom who loves this painting.

Also here are two of my favourite books. My Color Bibles..LOL.

Okay I am off to work on my Zinnia painting. Yesterday I took a break and worked on a painting for my sister’s stag. I wanted to make a cute bride to be painting for a tshirt she can wear at her bachelorette in September. So here you can see the painting I did for the front and back of the shirt.

Painting for the Front: And Back:

And I published and customized with some wording the paintings at Zazzle. You can see the finished T-shirt here:

Kitty Bride To Be/Bachelorette T-shirtbyLisaLorenzPaintings
Get this custom shirt at Zazzle


Kim said...

oh Lisa
the kitty is gorgeous.......your sister will love it !!!!!! love the hot pink on the black tee...
your frames look wonderful.....and the dark wooden frame really enhances your Lotus Bliss......this would be great for your florals.....

Lisa said...

Hey Kim, Thanks so much. I cant wait for her to get the tshirt! She loves kittys, so it will be a nice surprise. She was away on business, so I know she was not checkign the blog and I think the shirt should arrive very soon.

Yeah, I think that dark frame would be nice on the other florals..Will have to see the costs! lol