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I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. I love to create bold colourful paintings, many of them based on my wonderful travels.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pansy WIP

Hi everyone, Still getting over my high from yesterday! I have done quite a bit of work on my new pansy painting.

Drawing on canvas and background blocked in (light green/tit white)

Blocked in basic colors for the flowers and leaves. Will now block in the colors for the vase. The painting is progressing well. At the moment I am not sure about those two pansy flowers at the bottom??? I think I might not include them, although many of my florals do have some flowers/petals on the bottom part of the composition. If I make them larger they will compete with the beautiful vase. The do seem lost down there.

Okay those flowers are nixed!

Oh and my new chair is just super, it’s very comfortable and I can roll around my studio!

Today is also my hubby’s birthday! Poor guy he has to work late tonight so we wont be going out to eat so I will make him one of his favourite meals. Pork tenderloin in a mushroom cream sauce over egg noodles and bubbly for sure! Tomorrow night we will go out and try out luck at the casino!
Have a great day everyone!


Kim said...

love and kisses from all of us....
hey Lisa that meal sounds yummy.......lots of luck at the casino......your pansies are looking great......have a great day and evening you two...and have a bubbly for me
I have given you an award on my laketrees blog...

Anita said...

Hope Andreas had a great birthday!

The pansies are so sweet - they always make me think of little kitten faces.

Lisa said...

Hi Kim, Thanks so much. Andreas says thanks too..he was touched. I also thank you soo much for that award..So sweet of you. Have a great weekend. Still having lousy weather this weekend..oh well. Will stay in cozy and rent videos

Hi Anita, Thanks so much. He say thanks too! He had a nice birthday. Yeah, they look like kitten faces...so cute.

Have a great weekend girls.