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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Painting Idea for Pansies

Hi everyone, well I started some work today for my next funky floral painting and its all about pansies!

I was thinking of one color initially for the flowers, but my imagination got the best of me and I decided on many different colors for the pansies.

I am going to use my little Hungarian vase I recently bought in Budapest for the painting. However, I am not going to do it with the handle showing as seen here, as I have completed several paintings like this already (re: the pitchers). So I turned it frontal.....

And this is the perspective I will be using for the painting:

Then I very roughly, and I mean roughly did a fast sketch to put my idea down on paper:

Then I did my sketch which I will use as the basis for my painting. It was somewhat difficult to do because I had to just rely on my imagination for the placement of the pansies as I don’t have any good pics of a bouquet of pansies or any real life ones. I could not find any.

So here is my idea/sketch in color for the basis of my painting. Looking now at the sketch on screen I will add another yellow floral --so the light purple one next to the blue one (viewer’s right) will be predominately yellow with some magenta highlights.

I would appreciate any comments you may have. I will soon begin the drawing on the canvas. Wishing you a great day! and happy painting or holidays whatever you may be doing!


Kim said...

Woo hoo Lisa I saw you right at the top of the featured artists.....good on ya mate!!!!!
This one is going to be ravishing Lisa....luuuuv the vase...and the colours are sensational......
hugs Kim

Lisa said...

Hey Kim, thanks so much for going to see me! I really appreciate it. and hugs for your kind words about my new wip. I cant wait to start! have a great day!