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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back to the Violets

This afternoon's work:
Did lots of work today on the flowes with some tit-white, ultramarine blue and some windsor violet. I am very happy the way they turned out. I also added some purply tones to the leaves. I just need to finish the background and do some shading on the pot. And I will be finished. Stay tuned. This mornings work:

Started more work on my violets which were on hold for a few days.
I made revisions to my pot with the new zebra lines and more white in white areas.
Then I added some lights and darks to the green leaves and I also painted a thin outline of some green mix with tit-white to add that furry effect that violet leaves have. Then I outlined everything with some fine lines in paynes grey. Need to add some violet tones to the leaves with a few more lights and then I will begin work on the flowers. Just about done.

1 comment:

maggie said...

hi lisa love the african violets, you captured again those beautiful colours ....sure it will be another hit in the funky flowers ...just love it
love mom